Wasatch Trail Run Series

Wasatch Trail Run Series

Wed Aug 09 2017 00:00:00 GMT-0600 (MDT)

Location: Alta Ski Resort
Registration: 5:00 PM
Race Start: 6:30 PM
Cost: $20
Distance: 5.4 miles (1260ft of elevation gain), 8.7 miles (2k of elevation gain)

The North Face Trail Run at Alta Ski Resort Race #10 of 2017 Series

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Long Course Race Note: Due to the extreme lightning we had to cut off Long Course Racers from completing the second lap up to Cecret Lake. 8 racers beat the cut off and completed the entire race. These 8 racers have been scored for this race and for series points as any other race. The rest of the racers who did not finish the entire course (some did 1.5 laps, some 1 lap) will receive 6 series points for last night's race. Typically a DNF only receives 3 points. We've made a special exception due to the fact that the DNF was caused by nature (lightning). Also note, when looking at your race time it will not be shown due to the "DNF" however, if you click on your name you will see the time that you came into the finish.

Everyone's Favorite Course! Run up to the beautiful/serene Cecret Lake framed by the the craggy skyline of Devil's Castle. This race packs a punch!. 

Short Course: 1 lap on the lollipop loop for 5.4 miles and 1260 ft of elevation gain

Long Course: Long Course runners will be running the same course (see below) but doing 2 laps on the top loop (top of lollipop) for a total of 8.7 miles and 2,000 ft of elevation gain. 

This race is sponsored by the North Face at Fashion Place Mall. They will have their demo shoe fleet on hand. Arrive early to secure a pair to run in! (for free) Great way to test out a pair of shoes before you buy them.