Wasatch Trail Run Series

Registration for 2019 is open (Early Bird Pricing)

2019 will be the 7th year of the Wasatch Trail Run Series! The series takes place spring thru summer on Wednesday evenings on the dirt trails of open space preserves and ski resorts along the Wasatch Front in Utah.The Wednesday evening races offer both a Short Course (3-5 miles) and Long Course (7-9 miles) accommodating the needs of all skill levels. Each race concludes with an awesome Give-Away for participants composed of a table loaded with outdoor retail items (shoes, packs etc.) donated by our sponsors. Participants are placed in age based/sex categories and accumulate series points from each race. Awards are given at the end of season to the participants in each category who accumulate the most points. The race series also has a charitable component. We donated $4000 in 2017 to local non-profits.

9 Race Pass early bird pricing effective until 12/31/2018

$125 for Adults just about $13/race!
$95 for Youth only about $10/race!

1/1-1/31 $145 Adult $115 Youth
2/1-2/28 $165 Adult $135 Youth
3/1-         $185 Adult $155 Youth
Individual Races = $30 per race. Registration for individual races is day of race at the race venue.
No Refunds. Passes are non-transferable. Races may be cancelled and or rescheduled. We promise to hold at least 9 races in 2019.

Type of Pass
Short or Long Course (see website for explanation)
Racer Name
Racer Age on 12/31/19


Dimple Dell

March 27th and April 24th

Corner Canyon

April 3rd and May 1st


June 12th


June 19th and August 7th


July 10th and August 14th


July 17th