Dimple Dell

Dimple Dell

Dimple Dell

The first race of the season take place at Dimple Dell on March 27th. We will also be returning to Dimpel Dell for another race on April 24th.

Registration begins at 5 P.M.
Race begins at 6:30 P.M.
Raffle give away after the race finishes.

Start at Granite Park. Continue 1 mile along the wood chip trail. Complete a 3 mile loop and back to the park.
Long Course completes two of the three mile loops.

Short Course 5.1 miles 475ft Elevation Gain

Long Course 8.4 miles 1025ft Elevation Gain


Granite Park is located at 10000 South and 2700 East. Parking is limited at Granite Park. There is a larger parking lot for Dimple Dell located on Mt Jordan road and 3000 East. Follow the trail 1/4 mile to the start line. 2725 Grouse Creek Cir, Sandy, UT 84092